May 2017

God Never Fails!


Joshua 1:5 says, “I will be with thee: I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.


This vital word to Joshua is often quoted in the New Testament. It is the very basis of the New Testament. “He has said, I will never leave thee or forsake thee.”


Christian, there is before us a life of warfare. Rest well my friend, the Lord of Hosts is with us. Are we not called Christian? Christ In! We are called to lead a fickle people. This promise guarantees us all the wisdom and prudence that we shall need. Do we not contend in this world with cunning and powerful enemies? Here is the Word of Strength, prowess and victory. By this Word we know the Lord Himself is with us.

Jehovah indeed is our Rock and our Fortress. There has never been or ever will be a time when the Lord of Hosts will desert us. He will always be at our side. Faithful friends will drop from us, their help is but a shower in the storm; but God is faithful, Jesus is the same forever, and the Holy Spirit abides in us.


Be calm and live life Oh Christian! Clouds may gather, but the Lord will blow them away. God will not fail me, my faith shall not fail either; and God will never forsake me, neither will I forsake Him. Oh, what a restful faith!


Ride On Friend,



D.W. Gulliford

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